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Product ID: E91219
15. 16-Channel Network Video Recorder
15. 16-Channel Network Video Recorder

The NVR is the heart of any security system. Recording the activity in your farm yard can provide valuable video evidence for insurance claims in case of vandalism or theft. It allows you to monitor and record video footage from IP cameras positioned around your property. It can record 120fps at 1080p, 240fps at 720p, or 480fps at DI resolution, so video playback is just like watching it live. Comes with a 1TB hard drive, and will provide days or even weeks of recorded video depending on the number of cameras connected. The NVR gets connected to your router with high speed internet connection via CAT5e Ethernet cable. Once the NVR is connected to router, you can view recorded video from your computer, tablet or smart phone.

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Price: 1,249.00 CAD$

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