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Product ID: E93535
Best Harvest Silage, Forage Moisture Tester
Best Harvest Silage, Forage Moisture Tester

Silage, Forage, and Hay Moisture Tester by Best Harvest

Measures Moisture Content of Silage, Forage, Hay and More


  • Prevent mold, spoilage and storage combustion
  • Determine when to harvest, bale and store crops
  • Better control of dry matter intake in dairy rations
  • Used to calibrate electronic moisture testers
  • Immediate results, no waiting on laboratory testing
  • Simple instructions for fast, accurate results
  • Tester uses faster version of the Official Evaporation method as approved by USDA

  • Ideal for large and small growers of alfalfa, hay, silage, rice and other forage crops.
  • Accurate to 0.1% moisture; operates by removing moisture from original sample and weighing the product to determine moisture loss. Thermometer reads in both F and C
  • Simple process allows for fast, accurate results
  • Maximize digestible nutrients and optimize value in crops by harvesting at proper state of growth and storing within specific ranges of moisture content
  • Includes tester, sample canister, scale, sample bowl and instructions
  • Durable stainless steel moisture tester offers unique features providing USDA method accuracy to 0.1. The Best Harvest unit will test moisture in all crops and feedstuffs across all moisture ranges. Forage tests are normally taken in about 20 minutes and vary for other crops. Attention to moisture content of crops and feedstuffs is important for proper harvesting.

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    Price: 695.00 CAD$

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