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Product ID: E93588
1. Mini GAC2500 Moisture Tester
1. Mini GAC2500 Moisture Tester

Mini GAC2500 Handheld Grain Moisture Tester by DICKEY-john®

The most accurate handheld moisture tester that provides fast and easy results. Now with 149 MHz - UGMA technology to match the new mositure testers at the elevator.

Take the Elevator Technology into the field

The new mini GACŪ 2500 handheld grain moisture analyzer offers the possibility to take the elevator technology into the field. The mini GACŪ 2500 handheld moisture tester is designed with the same technology as the new UGMA moisture meters at the elevator, including the calibrations. To ensure top accuracy, and readings that match the elevator, consider upgrading to the DICKEY-john mini GACŪ 2500, designed to deliver results straight to your bottom line:

  • Eliminate dockage fees and shrink charges
  • Eliminate multiple trips to the elevator to calibrate your combine moisture sensor
  • Control your drying process and optimize propane usage
  • Select the optimum field to harvest and minimize moisture loss in the field
  • The DICKEY-john mini GACŪ 2500 - the leading handheld grain analyzer.

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    Price: 1,295.00 CAD$

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