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Product ID: E94380
Weigh-All Loader Scale 0-3000 psi
Weigh-All Loader Scale 0-3000 psi

Hydraulic Scale by Weigh-All®

This product is for hydraulic systems NOT exceeding 4000 psi. Why spend thousands of dollars for a more sophisticated scale when you can install a hydraulic pressure gauge and convert the psi in the hydraulic cylinder to weight for a lot less? This system operates on the principal that there is a direct correlation between the pressure in the cylinder and weight on the loader.

Calibration: Calibration is performed by adjusting the scale to zero without load and then noting the psi with an accurately pre-weighed load. The calibration must be performed at the normal lift height where the accuracy can be guaranteed. Accuracy will decrease if the lift height is significantly changed—an important point to remember. The calibration factor is then determined by comparing the weight to psi ratio. A sticker is then placed on the gauge where the calibration factor can now be recorded for others to see.

Accuracy: Due to the many variables and different weight to psi calibrations, an accurate figure cannot be guaranteed, but the manufacturer claims the acuracy should be within 4 percent of the scales reading providing the following recommendations are followed:

  1. Hydraulics at normal temperature,
  2. Calibration weight is accurately determined,
  3. Lift height at which calibration is performed is consistently used throughout all lift measurements.

To install: Install the scale in an easy-to-read position. Connect the scale 1/4" NPT M fitting to the loaders hydraulic system, normally betwen the control valve and the lift cylinder (fittings not included). Scale may be mounted directly or remotely with a suitable length of hose.

  • High accuracy 4.5" face
  • Major divisions have 10 minor divisions
  • Hair-line needle
  • Internal single load protection
  • Zero adjustment

  • All Weigh-All products carry a one-year warranty.

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    Price: 475.00 CAD$

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