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Product ID: E94931
4a. QuickLoad Dedicated Tractor/Trailer Scale Kit

Air-Weigh® QuickLoad Dedicated Tractor/Trailer Scale Kit

QuickLoad is designed as a cost-effective on-board weighing solution for dedicated tractor trailer fleets and straight trucks with either air or leaf spring suspensions. For little more than the cost of a set of air gauges, QuickLoad provides accurate weights on an easy-to-read in-dash display. QuickLoad is ideal for owner operators and small fleets, because it is inexpensive, easy to install and use.

The QuickLoad Scale accurately measures and displays steer and drive axle group weights, GVW and net payload weights. Weight readings are conveniently displayed in pounds or kilograms and are accurate at all vehicle operating temperatures, humidity levels and altitudes. Warning and overweight alarms are standard from two separate outputs. Installation consists of adding the display to the dash and connecting a power cable, sensors and sensor cables.

QuickLoad works on air-ride equipped trailers by converting air pressure in the suspension into a very accurate on-the-ground weight. An environmentally-sealed, easy-to-read display features an advanced icon-based touch screen for easy setup, calibration, and operation. Convenient built-in alarm LEDs can be set to flash at any warning weight, and then stay lit at a programmable overweight threshold.

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Price: 950.00 CAD$

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