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Product ID: E96350
Fleet Management Software
Fleet Management Software

Fleet Management Software by Davis Instruments®

For use with theCarChip Fleet, CarChip Fleet with Alarm or any of the DriveRight 600E or DriveRight 600 models, this Fleet Management Software lets you track and compare drivers and vehicles by fleet, group, or location. Easy-to-use software lets you sort and summarize data and create reports according to selected criteria.

Reports include:
  • Usage Report showing mileage driven, average monthly mileage, and weekend and nighttime driving by employee.
  • Driver Performance Report with summarized data for each driver including individual "safety scores."
  • Exception Reporting including reports for excessive speed, hard braking, and quick accelerations.
  • Accident Log Report showing the last critical pieces of speed data (20 seconds for CarChip; 40 seconds for DriveRight 600E).

  • With CarChip Fleet and CarChip Fleet with Alarm, you'll also get additional reports on engine performance logging and diagnostic trouble codes.

    With DriveRight 600E and the optional GPS Module, you can export the data to Microsoft's MapPoint or Streets and Trips to map each trip, including all starts and stops.

    The software's OBDC-compliant design means you can use your preferred database platform, whether it be Microsoft Access, MySQL, Oracle 9i, or another.

    Includes software for both DriveRight 600E and CarChip Fleet. (If you are using DriveRight 600E you will need to use only the DriveRight 600E software CD. If you are using CarChip Fleet and CarChip Fleet with Alarm, you will need to use both programs.) Includes power adapter and cable for use when downloading data from DriveRight 600E (add an optional USB-to-Serial Cable to connect to USB, Product ID E86420) and USB cable for downloading CarChip.

    Requires Windows 98SE/2000/ME/XP, at least 32 MB (64 MB recommended) free hard disk space, and one free serial port or USB port.

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    Price: 474.00 CAD$

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