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Product ID: ID0036
Splice Saver Connection System
Splice Saver Connection System

Splice Saver Connection System

Splice Saver connectors are capable of providing one or several splices within a single connection assembly.

It is comprised of three pieces:
1. Male cap assembly,
2. Female connector, and
3. Terminal Position Assurance (TPA).

Splicing is accomplished within the male cap assembly using a segmented bus blade. The most common purpose of this system is to eliminate crimping splice (clip and dip) applications. When integrated into an electrical architecture, it can be very effective in eliminating splicing altogether. This system is ideal for both single-point grounding and single-feed power distribution. The convenient package also enables it to be used for a variety of testing/diagnostic interfaces including those for signal-level sensors and computer circuits. Must specify option.

Option: Splice Saver 1-12
Splice Saver 2-6

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Price: 12.95 CAD$

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