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6. Raven Cruizer II
6. Raven Cruizer II

Cruizer II® by Raven®

Guidance made simple and affordable

The new Cruizer II® lets you add all the benefits of an easy-to-use precision guidance system to your operation and more without pushing your budget off course. With more power and capability, Cruizer II also makes it simple for you to add auto-steering and automatic on-off planter and boom section controls when you’re ready for even more savings and performance. Popular new options include a weather-resistant model to protect against the elements in open-cab situations and Raven’s new SmartYield® monitoring system for tracking and recording yields at harvest time. Cruizer II is also easily moved from tractor to tractor, which makes it a great “second” guidance unit for equipment and applications that don’t require upper-end capability.

Large 5.7” full-color high-resolution touch screen display. Day/night mode ensures great visibility at any hour of the day.
Easy installation comes with a RAM® mount bracket. A cigarette lighter adapter serves as the in-cab power source. Stick the antenna on the top of the cab and you’re ready to go.
Built-in 10 Hz DGPS receiver provides swath guidance and coverage area information using accurate sub-meter guidance of 9” pass to pass. Cruizer comes with an external DGPS antenna.
Enhanced “Last Pass” Guidance is the industry’s easiest to operate contour guidance technology—perfect for irregularly shaped fields. Raven’s newest version includes automatic correction intelligence
Integrated lightbar system for additional visibility.
Record keeping made simple with the use of a thumb drive. With bitmap files, you can quickly save and print reports showing your coverage map, acreage covered, etc. The SHP (Shapefile) files are georeferenced and can be imported into most standard mapping software.
Choice of patterns allows you to easily switch between A - B, Last Pass and Pivot patterns. You can also switch between A - B and Last Pass on the same job.
See what you need to see with your choice of bird’s eye view or downfield 3-D perspective. Field review screen helps verify coverage and identifies skips.

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Price: 2,370.00 CAD$